Have you ever been asked, “Why do you travel with your kids when they are so young? It's not like they’ll remember?”


We have… often.


We travel to enrich our kids minds, heart and souls, now… not just for the memories travel creates. 


Travel at any age impacts a child in a positive way. It builds resistance and certainly has brought our family closer together. 


As much as this comment annoys me there is some element of truth. You have to celebrate the adventures your family has experienced together and “help” your child to remember.


In this digital age we seem to be documenting every moment of our lives. Getting these images and videos OFF our phones and into our lives is the challenge.


Yesterday I sat down with the kids and we re-watched all our travel videos. The squeals of delight were music to my ears. 


Then the questions started… all 3 kids asked the exact same question: When can we go back there again !!!!


So do yourself a favour spend the time creating something special to help your kids remember all the adventures. Whether is a video or a picture book or picture wall- it’ll be well worth it!