All the “kids in Fiji” hacks you never knew you needed!

All the “kids in Fiji” hacks you never knew you needed!

All the “kids in Fiji” hacks you never knew you needed!
Fiji is a fast favourite for families, especially Aussie families.

The quick flight, all inclusive package deals and family friendly resorts all proving alluring.
Our family fell in love with Fiji in 2010 when we first visited Tavarua island. Fast forward to today and we have visited more than 30 times.The warmth of the people and the incredible beauty of the islands, ocean and landscapes, captured our hearts.If you are heading to Fiji with kids then you are going to need my HACKS list.
All the knowledge I have gathered over 30 trips with kids- here for you!
Fiji Hack list!
Why pack it, if you can buy it locally instead? Not only will you avoid an overweight luggage charge and a sore back, you’ll be injecting funds into the local economy. The New World Super Market is located a mere 1 min drive from Nadi airport and it has everything!
Resort convenience/gift stores are super pricey so buy up big. You can even go online and pre order what you want. Click here to visit the online store. Remember to choose the correct New World, they are a large chain store.
I suggest pre arranging the pic up of your goods with your transfer company on the way from the airport to your hotel.
You can always donate anything you don’t use.Here is my recommended shopping list for families:
  1. Nappies (use Aussie brands for night sleep, Fiji brands for daywear, you’ll be pulling them off every time they jump in the ocean or pool anyway!!!)
  2. Wipes
  3. Sunscreen ( all the Aussie brands are there!)
  4. Baby shampoo (hotel stuff burns eyes!)
  5. Baby food ( they even have Rafferties!)
  6. kids snacks (Jatz, Twisties, biscuits, all the Aussie brands are there )
  7. Bottled water (I have paid $6 usd a bottle in FIJI more than once )
  8. Buckets and spades
  9. Beer/wine (alcohol at resorts can be very expensive, so if you are on a budget, this is the place to buy)
  10. Alternate “dinner” options for kids eg max and cheese microwave cups or noodle cups. Often kids are tired at the end of a long day in the pool and just want simple food in the hotel room.
More on food: Consider whether your children are going to eat the resort food and if “service times” will work for your kids - especially if they are jet lagged. My kids lived on 1 menu item: chicken nuggets and chips every-time we landed in Denarau (when they were tiny, we’d stop here on our way out to the islands). I remember arriving late after a flight delay to the Sheraton Denerau and ordering room service at 9 pm for 3 very over tired little people. A very, very soggy ($12 usd) bowl of chips arrived 30 min later. From that trip on I have always purchased cup of noodles at the NewWorld on arrival! Every hotel room has a kettle so no matter what I always have an easy cheeky meal up my sleeve for the kids.
Hack 2:

Car seats are not really a thing in Fiji. If your transport has working seatbelts for every seat, count yourself lucky. Car seats are not required by law, seat belts are only required in the front seat. You have 2 options: bring your own car seat, or place your child in a baby-carrier. Depending on the distance from the airport to your hotel you’ll have to make this personal decisions as a family. This is also something to discuss in detail with your resort.
Hack 3:

Excellent health insurance. Fiji is not blessed with a health care system that you ever want to find yourself needing to access. Know what your insurance covers (and doesn’t) and how to access help if you need it. It’s always best to save the local emergency services number to your phone and the contact number for your insurance.

Be prepared and ensure you are ready for whatever your little people could throw at you. Visit your GP before you travel and get their advice. Travel with the basics like paracetamol and bandaids. Ear infections are REALLY common so discuss with your doctor and consider using swimmers ear each night for prevention.
Hack 4:

Jail time. Yep, Jail time. This is what my kids have affectionally named the hours between 12.30 and 2 each day in Fiji. During this time we drag our kids back to the Bure and FORCE them to have some down time out of the sun. After 10 years of travelling to Fiji and seeing our kids get sick, run down and sunburnt (no matter how much zinc I applied). I eventually realised they were just going too hard every day. They’d be in the sun from dawn til dusk fishing, swimming, surfing and snorkelling. So now it’s lunch and midday movie in the bure each day. Since we instigated this rule we have had far fewer meltdowns, sunburns and sicknesses. It’s also meant that the evenings are more enjoyable as the kids aren’t completely wrecked.
Hack 5:

Get yourself a Nancy (and then a cocktail).

Nancy is the name of the first nanny we hired in Fiji. She is the reason my kids sing Twinkle Twinkle in Fijian instead of English. This wonderful woman made me feel so safe leaving my kids with her, 12 years later our kids still refer to her as “our Nancy.”

So how do you get a Nancy? Before arriving at the resort we emailed ahead and asked about a babysitter. With 3 under 3 we were going to need a super-nnany or 2! We were able to secure the same person for our entire stay and have her exclusively for us. This was actually very affordable and meant the kids grew comfortable with her quickly. She also knew what they wanted and where it was without me having to explain our routine to a new sitter each day. Each time we returned to the resort over the years, Nancy was waiting.Fijians are incredible with kids. I’ll never forget arriving in Fijian and a big burly security man in immigration coming over to us (I thought we were in trouble!), to coo at and cuddle the twins. If you feel a little unsure about leaving your kids with a stranger, start slowly. Just have someone sit with them in the room once asleep while you eat.

Or have them take the kids for an hour or so while you have a massage.
Hack 6:

The airport.

Heading home from a holiday is DEPRESSING.

So let’s get you home as calmly and easily as possible.

If you have access to the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge then head straight there!!! YOu’ll find it on the lower level behind immigration and customs. Its part of the Qantas family so check your status level. You can also opt to pay for access $99 FJN per adult. If you have a long wait I highly recommend this. The lounge is worth every penny. The food is great and the lounge is peaceful. They also have a small kids area.

If that’s not an option then hunt down the kids area in the main terminal. When you first clear customs, come up the escalators walk through the duty free store on your left. You’ll find a kids playground and loads of comfy seating behind it. It’s often an area people miss as its somewhat hidden.

Food wise, you are basically stuck with over priced Hungry Jacks in the main terminal.

Be aware that Fiji aviation conducts a second (rather random) bag inspection when you go to board the plane. The will take any liquids purchased inside the airport away from you.