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Here you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Will Plane Pal fit all plane seats? Will it sit flush with the seat?

Plane Pal is designed to fit most economy airlines and most standard, bus and train seats. Plane Pal is designed so that it has 3 sizes. It can be used upright or upside down to fit the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. In most cases it will sit flush with your child's seat. By inflating Plane Pal in position you can adjust the level of inflation to ensure a snug fit that is level with the seat. 


Are Plane Pals allowed on all airlines?

The advice from most airlines is that as long as the aisle and area between your seat and the seat in front remains clear during take of and landing you are entitled to use an inflated cushion during the remainder of the flight. We recommend using Plane Pal in the window seat or in the centre seat of the middle row of seats so as to not block another passenger. Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Latam and a growing list of others, have expressly approved the use of inflatable travel beds for kids. We highly recommend contacting your airline carrier prior to purchasing to ensure they will allow use. Although we do find that depending on who you speak to the answer can change back and forth during one phone call! We do not accept returns for refusal of use. Please read our testimonials and view our Instagram to see which airlines customers have successfully flown using with Plane Pal. Just because an airlines offical policy is NO, doesn't mean that common sense won't prevail onboard.

Remember that Plane Pal is designed for all forms of travel including rail, buses and cars.

For a regularly updated list of those airlines that have stated they allow Plane Pal please click here.

Is Plane Pal Aviation certified?

Remember there is no such thing as blanket "aviation certification." Each region has their own aviation authority with its own set of rules. For example CASA, FAA and the EAA. We have contacted the authorities in creating our product and have been advised that our product does not fall under the jurisdiction of these bodies as it is a personal item and doesn't attach to the seats (like a car seat). However, although their use isn't governed by these bodies as a general rule in 2018 both CASA and IATA came out with a Cabin Safety Decision bulletins outlining the necessary features and usage rules that ensure the safe use of our product. Other international bodies have been VERY slow to do so. 

It is still at the discretion of each airline to assess products and train their staff to ensure safe use. Several, family focused airlines have made children's comfort and safety a priority and gone to great lengths to do this.

Special shout out to our fav airlines:

Singapore Air

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Australia 



Who can use a Plane Pal?

Plane pal was designed with children between 2-10 years old in mind, as they can utilise the product to it's full potential and extend their legs or lay flat.

Adults tend to only be able to sit crossed legged or with their legs set to one side. For many adults just being able to raise their legs helps them to travel more comfortably. However, in both Premium Economy or the Bulk Head row of economy Plane Pal is a adults BEST friend. Check out our instagram for some great examples. 

Can an infant (child under 2 years) use a Plane Pal?

If you choose to purchase a seat for your infant or are lucky enough to have a spare seat allocated to you on your flight then Plane Pal can most certainly be used. 

Plane Pal is highly effective for infants and toddlers if used correctly. It is important to closely monitor your toddler to ensure they do not roll off the seat or Plane Pal. It is vital that their seat belt remains fastened at all times to avoid injury.

What are the dimensions and how much does it weigh?

Inflated the Plane Pal measures: 54cm x 43cm x 36cm and weighs 900 grams (0.9 kg).

A deflated Plane Pal stowed in the Plane Pal travel bag measures approx. 40cm x 16cm x 10cm.

The hand pump measures 29cm x 9cm x 9cm and weighs 220 grams (0.22 kg) and can also be stowed in the travel bag.

The Plane Pal, pump and travel bag weigh 1.3 kgs when packaged together.

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What is the maximum weight capacity?

Maximum weight capacity is 90 kg.

I have 2 or more kids how many Plane Pals should I buy and what is a ‘Sibling Add On’?

A Plane Pal FULL KIT comes with a carry bag and pump for in air inflation. For relaxed traveling you will need 1 Plane Pal per child however you will only need one pump! To save you money we have introduced the ‘Sibling Add On’ for a reduced price. 

The ‘Sibling Add On’ contains only 1 Plane Pal and does not come with a pump or carry bag. 

We recommend carrying both pillows in the 1 bag. This bag and the pump should then be placed within your own carryon. 

Click HERE to view the Sibling Add On.

How do I inflate my Plane Pal?

Plane Pal comes with a pump for inflation. It can also be inflated manually by simply blowing it up.

Click HERE to got to the instruction page for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to top up your Plane Pal during the flight. This is due to changing air pressure at different altitudes impacting the air inside your Plane Pal. Plane Pal is made to withstand expanding air pressure, however, contraction can occur and require a small amount of additional inflation. 

How long does it take to inflate and deflate?

Inflation takes around 2 - 3 minutes and deflation about approximately 3 seconds.

Can I inflate my Plane Pal without the pump- My pump makes a whistling noise?

Yes, you can manually inflate your Plane Pal by simply blowing it up. This may help those families trying to minimise bulk when packing. It depends on how much ‘puff’ you’ve got.

The tube that connects the pump to the pillow does "whistle," this is unavoidable. Thankfully the noise of the aircrafts engines mask this and it is barely audible. Furthermore pumping slowly reduced the noise.

How long does it take for my Plane Pal to arrive?

Postage within Australia is through Australia Post. A tracking number will be sent to your email as soon as it is dispatched. 

Regular Post should arrive to metro areas within 3-5 days.
Express Post should arrive to metro areas within 1-3 days.

If you live in a rural or “non-metropolitan” area please allow extra time for expected delivery. 

Please ensure you enter your address including units numbers correctly. We take no responsibility for "returns to sender" for non-collection or incorrect address.. Cost of re-sending will be the customers responsibility.

My Plane Pal hasn't arrived, what should I do?

Please go to and use your tracking number to check your parcels location before you contact us.

Once we have dispatched your items and sent you a tracking number there is little we can do to effect the delivery. 

If you have not received your parcel and you have checked your tracking number and are still having problems please email:

How do I look after my Plane Pal?

Plane Pal should be stored in a cool dry place when not jet-setting around the world. 

If your Plane Pal gets dirty simply wipe it down with warm water, a mild soap and wash cloth. Plane Pal cannot be put in a washing machine and should not be submerged in water. 

Ensure your Plane Pal is not jumped on, exposed to heat or sharp objects and it should have a long and happy life.

Each time you prepare to travel you should inspect your Plane Pal and practice inflation to ensure it is in good condition and has not been damaged in transit or storage.


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