Inflating your Plane Pal is a very simple and quick process (two to three minutes, once you get the hang of it). 



To avoid a mid-air disaster, unpack your Plane Pal and practice inflation and deflation at home before you travel.

Plane Pal cannot be used during take off and landing as the aisles and exits must remain clear. This is an aviation rule across all airlines, please do not try to inflate your Plane Pal until you are well in the air and the seat belt sign has been switched off.


Once the captain has turned off the seat belt sign after take off unpack your Plane Pal and pump.

Ensure that the Plane Pal’s first level (clear) valves are open. The bottom level (black) valves should be closed for inflation. They ensure the air cannot escape while you are inflating it. 


Place Plane Pal on the floor in-between your child’s seat and the seat in-front. The size of the space will depend on the airline you have chosen to fly with. You can choose to use Plane Pal right way up or upside down to ensure it fits perfectly. If you are seated in the bulk head row you may choose to use it length ways.

Ensure the valves are placed on the aisle side so you can access them to inflate Plane Pal.


To begin inflating, unhook the small fabric latch on the pump to allow it to expand.

Screw one end of the hose into the pump labelled ‘inflate’ and connect it to Plane Pal’s valve. Ignore the "pointy" piece and plug the round fitting into the Plane Pal. It should fit fairly snuggly, however you may need to hold it in place. It’s best to inflate the bottom section first. 

Press the pump flat with your foot and then release it, so that the pump expands and flattens, up and down. This will inflate Plane Pal. Be sure not to over inflate it. It should feel firm but have some give.

Once each section is inflated secure the clear valve plug. 

You are now ready for your child to recline and hopefully snooze. Please remember to keep your child’s seatbelt fastened. 


Simply unplug both the clear and the black valves and apply pressure. The valves will be tight and require a good pull! Plane Pal should deflate in a matter of seconds.  To pack it away simply roll it up starting at the end with no valves. Once rolled secure with the velcro strap and place inside your Plane Pal bag.

Happy Travels