We LOVE our Plane Pals, but don't take our word for it. Read feedback from some of the beautiful Plane Pal families we have helped fly with a little more luxury and comfort. Not only are the kids happy but mum and dad are even happier. If you want to share your Plane Pal story with us, email or you can tag us on Instagram and use #PLANEPAL.

We booked the bassinet row only to find our baby was far to large for it. As it was an overnight flight I had no choice other than to let her sleep on me the whole time. This was only made bearable by the Plane Pal I confiscated from my 5-year-old (who had now fallen asleep - thanks Plane Pal) Best thing ever! Although I thought Plane Pal wasn’t designed for the bulk head row it still worked really well. Having my feet up and legs extended meant the baby could sleep across me and meant I actually got some rest. Next time I am buying 2.
— Belinda, Mum Of 2 Flying AU - HAWAII With Hawaiian Airlines
Just wanted to say thanks Plane Pal. I used them with my three last week on VIRGIN and enjoyed the “surreal” experience of them all being comfortable and happy sitting next to each other. We were in the first row of economy on Virgin (Row 3 - bulk head row) and discovered that by turning the Plane Pal’s length wise they effectively make a full flat bed for even our 6-year-old.
— Lee, Dad Of 3 Flying AU - BALI With Virgin AU
We flew with our 5 children (all under the age of 7) to Israel on El-Al. Having the Plane Pal was a hidden gift. Our children slept peacefully for 10 of the 12 hour flight! They were comfortable and never complained about the tight seats and long flight! Thanks to the Plane Pal we were able to have a quiet and relaxing flight. I have told all my friends about the Plane Pal and have gotten them to hop onto the Plane Pal bandwagon!
— Lindsay, Mum of 5 flying USA-ISRAEL
A massive shout out to @Planepal... my husband randomly discovered this product and we decided to give it a try. In one word, its AMAZING. It gave my son a proper flat bed for the night. It folds up super small in your hand luggage, takes literally 2 minutes to set up, and viola! He fell asleep 5 minutes after take off and woke just in time for landing. A must have in my book for anyone travelling long haul wiht little humans... we certainly won’t be boarding a flight without one anymore! ✈️ Parenting win BIG TIME
— Kim, Mother of 1, flying Virgin Atlantic (Via Insta)
Mention plane travel to parents and watch them instantly break out in a sweat of fear and anxiety. Parents are all concerned about how, when, where and IF their child will sleep and settle on a flight. Wave a wand and Plane Pal appears - simply the answer to taming toddlers on long haul flights and stopping mid-air meltdowns. It actually makes plane travel a pleasant experience. Tried and tested by my kids and my clients, I highly recommend them to anyone travelling with kids.
— Amanda, Mum of 3 Sleep Consultant |
The kids were more settled than usual on the plane and even had a nap. The pillows were easy to inflate and deflate and the little travel bag meant they were easy to transport. Thanks so much Plane Pal we definitely wont be leaving home without you ever again!
— Kristy, Mum Of 3 Flying AU - JAPAN With Qantas and Jetstar
In 5+ years of making 2-3 transatlantic flights every year I’ve always been thankful that my kids are always well behaved, but slightly annoyed that they almost never sleep on the plane and certainly not at the same time. Three cheers for a PlanePal as finally on both ways on our flights between Germany and the USA not only did I have two kids sleeping, but I Had two kids sleeping AT THE SAME TIME! Thanks for creating such a great product
— Mary, Mum of 2 flying Germany- USA with Lufthansa
Just quickly wanted to tell you how fab your product is. We flew QANTAS all the way to Thailand on a day flight and our 3 1/2-year-old, was having a great time playing and sleeping on the Plane Pal. Even I got to rest my legs on it and stretch out. I will surely recommend every mum flying with children to get a Plane Pal.
— Dina, Mum of 1 Flying AU - THAILAND With Thai Airways
I recently had to travel by myself with our twin 6-year-old daughters and honestly Plane Pal was my saviour. I do not know how I would have survived without them. The girls were curled up and fast asleep all night. Next time I’ll be getting one for myself too. Thanks so much Plane Pal!
— Lauren, Mum of 2 Flying AU Domestic
Just the biggest thank you for making these plane pals. I’ve just returned from Bali and I could not imagine what our flight would have been like without these! My twins had never travelled so I was extremely nervous but they ended up sleeping the entire way, and that wouldn’t have happened without the extra room. I will never travel without them!!!! Thank you again, you made our first family overseas holiday so much better!!!! 😊

— Leah, Mum of 2 flying AU- BALI With Gauruda
It was such a relief to arrive in Africa with my 6-year-old daughter well rested. She slept comfortably on the flight thanks to Plane Pal. Easy to use and compact to carry, I would definitely recommend Plane Pal to anyone travelling with kids.
— Dave, Dad of 3 Flying AU - South Africa With South African Airlines
Plane Pal made our long journey on HAWAIIAN AIRLINES so much easier than usual. Easy to inflate and deflate the kids extended their legs when awake and curled up and slept comfortably. Highly recommend this product to parents travelling with kids of all ages.
— Penny, Mum Of 3 Flying AU - HAWAII